Each year Metro Mini Makers holds their Annual Holiday Bash at the Victorian Inn located  in Rock Island, IL.  

Owner, Barb Parker has graciously opened her B&B to Metro members to hold our Holiday Bash -  (pot luck and gift exchange) for many years.  Club members make an extra gift to present to Barb for her dollhouse.
The gift exchange optional for members and sign up is done by July meeting so that members have plenty of time to make their gifts. 
  A theme for the exchange is decided- and for many years it was "kitchen" or "bedroom" and after 25 years - we were stuck for a theme- having done all of the array of ideas at least twice!  A member said lets go through the alphabet- then we won't have to decide it each year!  Crazy as it seems- it's been fun.
  Barb Parker and granddaughter Emily